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Introducing The Apprentices

A very special and exciting event has now been launched by our team building partners. The Apprentices team building day is a fantastic mix of fun, complex and engaging activities that focus on developing the core business skills of: Selling, Negotiation, Marketing, Accountability, Leadership, Teamwork, Creativity, and Planning.

Each activity is a fulfilling live experience where delegates can sell their wares in real situations, negotiate with genuine suppliers and interact with members of the public. Some of the tasks available include:

  • The Scent of Victory
  • Recipe for Success
  • Chocoholics Anonymous
  • Cleaning Chaos
  • Passion for Fashion
  • In a Lather
  • Toying with your Ideas

We do not believe in doing things by halves, so The Apprentices activity is as close to being on the real TV show as you can get. Our team will research your Apprentice location to ensure that all the correct licenses, permits and market stalls are in place so that the teams can concentrate on winning their task and really getting the most out of the day.

This business focussed challenge culminates in a nail biting boardroom session, complete with Sir Alan Sweetener, and his highly experienced business coaches.

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